Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kansas City, 2000

I moved to the states exactly ten years ago now, in late august, early september 2000/
I started out in Kansas city where my big brother, Sean, lives.
At that time, he had this great house in the country, in a place called Gunn City ( Pop 68) .
It was about an hour's drive to Kansas City, and he let me use his old pick up truck to do the drive.

I think it was a Ford...the details get fuzzy in my memory...I do remember it being very big, and it required quite a bit of muscles to shift gears. One of those old, built to last, behemoth of a truck.

One of the best things for me, was doing the drive on a hot day, on those little back roads, where all you could see was this huge deep blue sky, and fields of yellow everywhere.

It was incredibly peaceful, restful and beautiful.

That was ten years ago.