Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cafe Sale

I am working on a new book with Cafe Sale right now..and I am including some very old images.
I found a bunch that were really fun...like this one from a few years back.
It's interesting to see that , at the time, I was using ONLY flash...no photoshop.

Because of that, I was paying more attention to colors and their vibrancy from the get go rather than what I do now which is refining them later, in photoshop.
I am not saying that the images then were better than now, but that they have changed quite a bit over time. I think that technically, I could do this again, but I am not sure I'd have the mind set for it right now.

I feel that as an artist, we have to let ourselves evolve and not be afraid of letting go of the things we know in order to discover and learn new ones.