Sunday, April 29, 2012

Are you Geek or Nerd ? - INFOGRAPHIC

There may be a confusion between a Nerd's and Geek's,This Infographic will get you determine which category you belongs based on common traits found between Nerds and Geeks.Interstingly the Infographic states that 31% of people think that Geeks have more chance of being successful in life and only 24% of the people comfortable with calling them as Nerd.


Likely nerd jobs:

  • Rocket scientist
  • Reclusive and renowned professor
  • Computer programmer
  • Engineer
  • IT professional
  • Inventor
  • Or work at a video store

Likely geek jobs:

  • Web design/development
  • IT professional
  • Marketer
  • Graphic designer
  • Game designer/developer
  • Barista at an indie coffee shop
  • Entrepreneur
  • Record store
  • Bartender

General Stats:

  • 17% of Americans identify as geeks
  • 65% of video game designers identify as geeks
  • 50% of technology engineers identify as geeks
  • 37% of bloggers identify as geeks
  • 87% of people prefer the word "geek" over "nerd"
  • 66% of millennials think "geek" is a compliment
  • 45% of people believe geeks are early adopters
  • 31% of people believe geeks have a higher chance of being successful
  • On average, self-identifed geeks have a better view of themselves than others view geeks
  • 41% of people would be comfortable called a geek while only 24% would be comfortable called a nerd
  • A geek would rather be called a geek over a hipster (23% are OK with being called hipster while 41% are OK with being called a geek)